That time I went speed dating.

I don’t even know where to start. It wasn’t bad… but it was.

So on Thursday me and Selma jump on a train to get the the venue. Both of us had not particularly dressed up, deciding to stick with casual. We got soaking wet in the rain, to the point where my socks were actually wet. I should have take that as a sign. We get in the door, and it turns out the be a bar with little atmosphere. It’s divided up into 2 areas, one by the bar (yay) and one in a room they probably use for events, with harsher light than necessary at things like these. Anyway, we went to register and put our coats away, stealing glances at the people that had already gathered. Let’s just say that the women were much more attractive than the men, and we seriously contemplated running.

We stayed, and it were the women that had to switch tables every 4 minutes. Yes, 4 minutes! An eternity. Turned out they did not have enough people, there were 18 men and 14 women. If I would have been a guy or paid full price, I would have been pissed. Most of them were normal guys, not very interesting, but not horrible either. Most 4 minutes passed easily, but man, it is draining. There was not 1 guy that excited us, and I went into survival mode, and decided to have some fun myself. The ones that I really was not interested in, I told I was a yoga teacher. That’s always a hit, and it didn’t fail this time. Selma was less amused as she came right behind me and had to deal with ‘are you her friend? Do you do yoga as well?’ questions and the like.

There was this one guy though, this was his 30th (!!!) speed dating event. I nearly fell off my chair. He went every Thursday and Friday. He was painfully shy, very unattractive, overweight, farmer that had no hobbies other than his car. He kept staring at me, in that way that makes most women super uncomfortable. I stopped talking at one point (there’s only so far I’ll go) and he didn’t say anything and just stared. He ties with another guy that played the church organ, came from a very religious family, and had once (get this!) bought a ticket to the Philippines to meet with a lady he’d met online. And she cancelled on him a day before he was supposed to leave…Seriously. Where do they get these people from? During break time we mostly spoke to the other women and we all shared the same consensus. Go figure. We downed 2 glasses of wine, and got the hell out of there.

The next day, we got out results. 11 guys had said yes to me. Told you the yoga teacher thing works. Try it! I had said yes to 2 guys, and those put me down for no, so that was an evening well spent! In all fairness, if you go there with no expectations, it’ll be  a fun night. But for us, even though we laughed at the whole thing, it was just weird. We’ll be sticking to the bars and online dating from now on.