Am I being punked?

I was hoping to be able to blog about my POF date with a good looking French man I was supposed to have tonight, but he never came through unfortunately! Oh well.

I think someone is yanking me around this week. I am on OKC, and I’ve also made a POF profile as I have grown bored with OKC and the men there. I was a little too excited than necessary to find it’s not only for the North America market. On both websites, I’ve gotten the weirdest messages and yesterday, 4 requests for a sex date. Needless to say I wasn’t into that. Not only because one didn’t have a picture of profile filled out, one was in Turkey (he must have a loooong dick) and one had a ‘cute’ hotelroom and the other one… well, I don’t remember. By the end of the day, in a pissy mood after a day filled with draining meetings, I may have replied to one or two saying something along the lines of ‘do I look like a whore to you?’. Anyway, just for fun; these are some of the funkiest messages received this week.

just to let you know that i know how to treat a woman like myself and like a baby,becouse i love a kid so much if you have kid i will treat them like me and like my child,i love and i care also iam very romatic, i am very honest when i am in love and when it come to a relationship ,please i love your profile and i will love to know you better,what is your real name and what do you think when you are lonely.please reply me here or my email… 

You scare the crap out of me!

On a cold and rainy night, I place my head upon my pillow and fell into a deep sleep. 
I dreamed of a place that only beauty was, there was no rain or cold. Only a warm and beautiful day was ahead of me as I walked now this road. 
I meet an amazing bird on the road and I asked the bird, “How can this place exist?” The bird said in an interesting voice, to follow him. So, I did and he led me to the most beautiful meadow of all kinds of sweet smelling flowers. The Bird pointed toward the waterfall, I walked closer to the waterfall and what do I see? The most amazing beauty of all this place, I fall to my knees, and look up to see someone that no man could ever put words to, many men many try to put into words, but have never found the right words to explain this beauty. 
I can only say…. Before me as I looked up, I could see YOU. 
With lips as sweet as the honey that drips from the flowers of the fields. Eyes that could make the world come to a stop as I would fall deep into those deep pools of excitement. 
As you walk into the flowers of the meadow and the birds and deer followed you. I stood up and tried to follow, I try to call out your name, but I did not know your name. 
So I called out what my heart said to call you…. ANGEL…. ANGEL! 
You turn and look back at me and smiled, my heart stopped and melted. Your smile has done me in. 
I woke to the cold rain and wind blowing outside and wished I had not woke from this dream. Would you help me get back to this dream of, My dream Angel? 

I am the dreamer…..JIM 
You are the DREAM

First of all, I don’t have the patience for an essay. Second; you’re halfway across the world and 61. I think I’m gonna pass.

Hi! I’m Dimi. 
What about casual sex right now? 
I’m pretty handsome 
I love giving oral sex 
I’m from Moscow, Russia and staying here for a couple of days 
I have a cute room at a hotel…

He’s so handsome a picture would be totally superfluous.

And then there’s MiamiHeat, who has 3 semi nude pictures, mentions he has a 22cm dick, likes to take care of himself and wants me to teach him yoga. (Hey, I’ve never heard that before!) And he’s the one that makes me think I’m being punked. The way he writes his messages, the things he says, his punctuation, the way he tried to get info out of me…. Sean, that better not be you.