Boring Date #96402

Seriously, I don’t know how many more I can take.

Last Friday, I had drinks with the American guy from the paid dating website. He let me pick the spot and time, and then I didn’t hear anything at all. So off I went, to the sky bar (which was actually so nice I’m gonna make that my regular dating spot) and waited. He was 15 minutes late. When he walked in, I was relieved he looked like his profile picture, and not like the 40 year old serial killer picture I saw on Whatsapp.

It immediately stood out he was shy. The first 10 minutes were hard work for me. I am a talker, but god, this guy took forever to calm down. When he loosened up a bit we chatted a bit about things I can for the life of me not remember. Cue awkward silences. He had moved to Europe in September, and when I asked if he’d met some people other than colleagues to hang out with yet, he said no, that he wasn’t very outgoing. You don’t say.

The more he drank the easier talker he was, but I wasn’t interested. When I declined the waitress’ offer for a third glass of wine, he did not pick up the hint and ordered another beer. Great. I wanted to get out and go home. Shortly before midnight I said we should probably get going since he had a 7:30 flight. A quick walk to the train station, awkward hug, and I breathed with relief.

For fuck’s sake, is there no one interesting out there? I’m getting a little tired of this whole dating thing and would like to actually get laid before I quit it all.

Anyway, I’m off to Scandinavia for a week for work, so no action there either. Hopefully there’ll at least be some hot Viking men to look at.