This is mainly for myself to ensure I have continuity among the characters that appear in my stories. Everyone is real, but of course the names have been changed.

-Sean: American guy I met on OKC, had a few dates, has some erection issues.

-Sebastien: French guy I met on POF, looking like he’ll be a friend with benefits.

-Louis: French colleague that has a girlfriend and a child, but cheats.

-The Ginger: Guy I met on OKC, and dated for about 3 months. Really liked him, until he told me he didn’t feel anything else than friendship.

-John: British colleague I had sex with on a business trip. Awkwardness ensued, but that gradually disappeared and I suspect he’s into me. Question is; how to go from there?

-The Bisexual/Stud; The bisexual stud I ‘dated’ for 8 months, until he fell in love with a single mom.


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