Ella North

I’m fun, spontaneous and outgoing, looking for an ambitious, adventurous, handsome man. Sound familiar? While this is not on my online dating profile (hell, it took  me hours to not come up with that), it would be what I’m looking for. Kind of. I think. Does anyone really know anyway?

My name is Ella North, and yes, that’s an alias. Can’t be dishing it all out under my own name!  I live in the Netherlands, and somehow manage to date a lot of expats, foreigners and travelers. I am pushing 30, have been single for 6 years, and starting to be a little embarrassed about admitting that. As I have one single friend, being hit by babies and marriages left and right,  and my family has stopped asking (trust me, that’s worse) I have started online dating. Not that I don’t meet people otherwise, but hey, spreading options here.

I don’t like being single. I said it. But my quest to find a mate is certainly enjoyable. Living the single life no strings attached is proving to be a whole lotta fun (most of the time) and I will be blogging about the awful dates, the good dates, the frogs and the princes, adventures in the sack, and maybe , somewhere along the way I’ll just find that big hearted, strong, free spirited hippie guy that will rock my world.

12 thoughts on “Ella North

  1. Heya! Thanks for liking my submission post 🙂
    Your other half will find you, and I’ll be keeping up to find out when! :-p

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