He likes me

And I don’t like him back. As usual.

After coming back from the China trip (which was a bitch) I reactivated some of my dating profiles, after promising myself to have more fun with it. So I went on a date with a Tinder guy I’d been chatting with for days. He’s an elementary schoo teacher, which I think is awesome, seemed funny and was physically attractive. He drove all the way to my town and when we met there was… nothing. From my side at least. He was nervous, and it took him a couple minutes to calm it down. And remember how with the bisexual Stud I casually thought he was just in touch with his feminine side? Well, with this one I blatantly wondered if he was gay and in denial. He was a little judgmental, he didn’t like my job nor my employer, he doesn’t travel, doesn’t read, doesn’t like cities and sometimes pinches kids. We had no issues chatting but I wasn’t feeling it. At all.And now he’s still happily texting me and I have to tell him it ain’t gonna happen. I have to. Karma and shit.

On Tuesday I’m supposed to see another Tinder guy for some adult fun, so that’s something at least! I just have to remind myself the world doesn’t revolve around men and that I should learn to be okay by myself. Some days are better than others obviously.

While in China, the Stud sent me messages now and then to say good luck or ask how it went. Pretty nice. He then mentioned he had to be in my city for a competition tomorrow. I offered him dinner and a place to stay and he accepted. And then yesterday, when I asked him what the plan was, he said he was still around for the competition, but couldn’t meet me anymore. He’d made plans to go right to his friend-chick up north as they are having a stand at a flea market on Sunday to fund a trip they were going on. Say what? I got ditched. I then found out the two of them went to see a show just a few days ago. So obviously he prefers her company over mine, spends a fuckload of time with her, and cannot even bother to come see me when he’s in my fucking city. And I thought the new girlfriend was gonna bother me. Oh sure, he did ask me if I am free one night next week. But to be honest, he doesn’t feel like such a good friend that I wonder if he’s worth the hassle. Two weekends in a row with this other friend that he cancels his plans with me for, but sure I can hop over for two glasses of wine before it’s time to go to bed. And yes, I know I need to let it go a little (anyone notice the contradiction?) but I might just have to reconsider the whole situation. I don’t like feeling second hand.

13 thoughts on “He likes me

  1. I had someone I used to sleep with (a lot) try to be friends. It worked for all of a week. He would take over 10 days to text me back. TEXT! That’s how you know you’ve been officially replaced when he only texts you when he’s obviously bored. But again, that’s just my story.

  2. He’s not worth the hassle, end of! So rude to make plans then totally flake out, bang out of order. Please please cut him out and leave him to mess up someone else’s life! What an arse!

    Also – sometimes pinches kids?? WTF? Is that even legal for teachers to do?? Jeez.

    • That’s what I asked!! I am still not sure if he was kidding, but it didn’t look like it.

      And yeah, he obviously hasn’t gotten the message after our last conversation.

  3. Jesus Christ, don’t tell me you’re STILL wasting your time with this guy? It seems like you complain about the Stud in post after post. It’s like you’re annoyed that he’s treating like you’re just someplace he can put his penis, yet I thought he made it clear from the get-go that you were just someplace he can put his penis. I dunno, maybe I need to go back and re-read. But as others have pointed out several times already, he’s treating you like a doormat and you’ve acknowledged that. So I don’t understand why you keep going back for more.

  4. It kinda blows my mind when people reel off a list of dislikes on a date, especially when they relate to stuff about you. It’s really not attractive, and then there’s the pinches kids thing. So much why?

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