200+ Followers!

It’s weird. More than two hundred people read this blog. People I don’t know. Most of you are lurkers (hello!) but for the ones that actively comment and what not; I would have stopped long time ago if you hadn’t.

Which brings me to my next points; it’s a little weird and scary that so many people read about my (sometimes) embarrassing adventures and my outpour of emotions. Thank God forΒ anonymity.

Also; even sadder, this blog has been running for sixteen months. Yes, that is sad. In sixteen months, I have had countless dates, met loads of interesting and not so interesting men, met a few assholes, met a few with great potential that eventually broke my heart, had good and bad sex and in the end… lead to nothing.

Here’s to hoping this blog will not make it to two full years. But I’ll keep you updated in the meantime.


22 thoughts on “200+ Followers!

  1. I actually just started following your blog but I find it really interesting so far. You have quite a few interesting stories to tell and I look forward to seeing future posts from you.

  2. I’m mostly a lurker but I do read all your posts. I’ve been blogging for about a year now myself and it’s always amazing to see people reading about my life too. I had to go private when a friend discovered my blog (thankfully I shut that down quickly enough)…wish I could still be public. 😦

  3. I LOVE reading your stuff and you have inspired me to make some improvements to my own blog (gone are the stupid initial/age references to men, instead I use nicknames like you do – like I would do with my friends ANYWAY!) But you and I have somewhat opposite problems right now. While dating and not looking for a serious relationship, I found a serious relationship. Then my dating blog died. I miss it! I discovered that it was a bit of a cheeky, entertaining journal where I wrote for myself knowing that others were also reading. Sharing my world (and my office) with my fella makes it much harder to write – because we are engaging with each other, yes, but also because I don’t have the private time for quiet contemplation that I used to. NOT TO MENTION I’m no longer interacting with a new, interesting, entertaining or infuriating man every few weeks! I miss the Risque Divorcee!

    • That’s such a nice compliment πŸ™‚ People always say you find someone when you’re not looking, and while that’s an awful cliche, and I won’t talk to people for a week if they tell me that, I’m happy it was true for you! I’d imagine having someone so closely around is a bit more challenging πŸ˜‰

  4. As a blogger – comments from readers is like crack. I know it fueled me to post more and more.
    As for your 16 months – haven’t you felt that you’ve really progressed as a writer from when you first began?

    I think you have a fantastic blog – keep blogging. I’ll keep reading!

    P.S Obviously I finally made it all the way through to the end!

  5. I think to really immerse yourself into a blog you gotta start at the very beginning… the very best place to start. And cue the song from “sound of music”.

    Glad I did start. Like I said – a great read!

  6. So glad to know I’m not alone in this world of crappy dating… though it is sad to know it doesn’t matter what country we’re in, guys just f’ing suck. Cheers to being miserable and blogging about it together πŸ™‚

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