Gut Feelings

After I ‘dropped’ the samples with the Stud 2 weeks ago, I never heard from him again. I knew he’d be out for a while, but I had been expecting some sort if message to let me know if he was enjoying them. Nothing. So I texted him a few days ago to ask, and we talked for a bit. I told him about the bad date I had been on the week prior, and he seemed a bit defensive about it. I had also told him I was feeling a bit restless lately, and he asked if I was in love, lovesick, or what else was going on? He then suggested to go for drinks so I didn’t have to be restless about that. Then last weekend he saw that I was online at midnight and asked if I was texting my date. No, I wasn’t. Did I hear from him again? Was I going out with him again? No and hell no. He then asked if I wanted to go for drinks on Saturday, and then insisted on coming to my town, which would be a first.

All in all, I am as usual happy to see him, but I have to be careful not to assume too much from his texts. I don’t think that he gives a crap about me dating. Still his mood feels different, and I worry that he wants to see me to ‘have a talk.’ Not the good kind of talk. And usually my  gut feeling is right about these kind of things, so I am a bit anxious. Still, I am going all out just in case. He has only ever seen me in jeans, so I’m planning on stepping it up, dresses, heels and all.

Also, I have three (!) dates lined up for next week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All Tinder dates. I’m going to be exhausted. Then I am leaving for a weekend in Stockholm on Friday, so I’ve got no idea when I’ll get time to sleep!


9 thoughts on “Gut Feelings

  1. I really have a gut feel that something positive is going to come from this. Perhaps the little lightbulb went on and he realises he has deeper feelings for you. Why else would he be so inquisitive and get defensive about your bad date ? Just join the dots and see things for what they are. I am so crossing fingers (and legs) for you !! Please update as soon as you can, Astrid x

    • I hope so! But I’m afraid that because I am hoping for it I’m reading way too much into it. The Musician also wants to hear about my dates, yet he makes it very clear we won’t see each other again. Argh men!

      • Tell the Musician to stay out of your life seriously. What has he ever added to it besides heartache ? dont put yourself in these positions, it’s not worth it in the end.

  2. Hmmm. Yeah men like to know what you’re up to, I have a feeling it’s a territory thing, even if they have backed out of wanting to be with you! It’s really annoying. And none of their business. And they assume if you’re online you’re pretty much having a naked webcam session with another guy, when you’ejst checking your emails. Who can know what goes on in their tiny minds…

    • Exactly. We’re texting as we speak trying to nail down a time for tomorrow, and he’s very stand-offish. Told me he would let me know when he gets here, so I don’t even know if it’s dinner, drinks or both. Something feels off, so I am anxious about it now.

      • Oh no. I know that feeling. It’s the ‘are they gonna flake’ feeling. Either he wants to meet or he doesn’t. Why is it men think it’s ok to sort of make vague plans in case something better comes along? It’s so obvious! 😦

      • I know, been here so many times before I feel! I don’t think he’s gonna cancel on me, I still like to think he’s not a dick, but all in all… 😦

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