He ‘joined’ the band

I went on a Tinder date tonight. That’s right, it’s ten thirty and I’m back home. We’d had a fun conversation on Tinder over the past two days, and even though I didn’t think he would quite be my type (I do prefer men with hair) we decided to meet. He came to my town, we went into a bar, and even though I wasn’t immediately attracted to him, we hit it off alright. He was nice, very interested and asked a lot of questions. He was actually so full on I backed off. I hate it when they are full on, I get very uncomfortable.

At some point, a colleague of mine walks in with a friend. She’s cool, immediately notices it’s a date and we giggle over it while he’s in the bathroom. To my horror, when he comes out and sees us talking, he goes and introduces himself to them. Oh boy.

After a while there’s a small band that comes in and starts playing. There’s only about 10 people in the bar, and there’s quite a nice atmosphere. He shifts his attention to the band, asks for songs, makes small talk and requests a song. When they sing it for him, he decides it would be a good idea to step up on the stage, take a microphone and sing along. I’ll give it to him, he had a surprisingly good voice, but jesus. Do you have to do that? He finishes, steps down, finishes his beer talking to the singer, and I’m done. I call it a night pretty quickly, pay my half of the bill, and get out. Ugh.

Since he came to my town, I had decided I would take him home if I liked him, after all I still want to get laid. But it’s funny how the female brain works and how desire disappears when you’re not into someone.

Also, I saw the Stud last night. He was half an hour late, making me wait in the rain. Rain does not to nice things to my hair. But when I saw him my tiny bit of irritation disappeared. Rain does look good on him. He said hello with a kiss (yay) and we quickly went inside. I gave him his stuff, that he was very happy with and got me another kiss, and then asked if I wanted to go for a drink. I told him it really was fine if he wanted to have a quiet night to himself, but he wanted to go. Okay. So we went and had a few drinks. It was busy out as the next day (today) is a holiday, and seriously all women ogled him. I was virtually non existent. I just smiled. He was with me. We didn’t make it a late night as he still had work to do and needed to get up at six today for a weekend of sailing, but it was nice as always.

He gave me a sweater of his to wear back home as it had gotten cold outside, texted me to make sure I got home alright and said he had a good time. He always does. This man is so genuinely nice, I just can’t be upset for not getting what I want from him. Disappointed, sure. Do I think I would ever be the one to change his mind? No. I’ll just be happy being around him.

17 thoughts on “He ‘joined’ the band

  1. Okay, date number one sounds like the BEST DATE EVER that shit only happens in the movies. I mean are you kidding me? I’m the most outgoing person I know and not even I would do that, ballsy as fuck. I would have slept with him, but I also have a huge hard on for baldies haha.

    • Hahaha I seriously got stared at by everyone in that bar, and I was trying to be like ‘no, no. I’m not with him’… I prefer men with longish hair. Some men carry the bald, bearded look well, and he wasn’t bad looking, but WAY too intense.

  2. I’m with Shitshow on this one — love the baldies, ESPECIALLY if they have a nice beard! Mmmmmm….beard!

  3. Every fibre of my being wants you and The Stud to get together !! Dont you hate it when men have issues and the best thing (YOU) they could ever have is standing right infront of them… scream of note. I so want to say that he will come around eventually but maybe your novelty will wear off and it will be too late for him.

    Can you believe your date singing like that ?? he has some balls of steel I tell ya….. Dear God. I think i would piss myself laughing from nervousness and a serious case of WTF ?? You handled it beautifully lol.

    • I even politely applauded him when everyone did, while my mind was racing with excuses to get the hell out of there haha.
      As for the Stud… me too, me too…

      • Me too! But been there done that got the t-shirt, burned the t-shirt, blah blah blah. Sucks though. Completely sucks when you know how good it could be but they are bloody oblivious/indifferent/do not quite agree!

        And who the hell gets up and joins the band?? Jeez. Comedy.

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