Tinder Date!

That’s right; last time I was complaining about nothing happening, maybe if I complain sooner next time it’ll speed things up!

So on Tuesday, I went on a date. We hadn’t really talked much, as usual, and I wasn’t very excited, as I am having a long week this week. But I went. On the day itself, he suggested two options, and asked where I wanted to go. I knew neither, so had a quick google and picked the one that as closest to the train station. When I checked with my friend Anne, she immediately called me to say she was impressed, and it seemed like he was making an effort. Supposedly, it was a fancy place. Great. When a guy goes through a lot of effort, I get nervous that they don’t go out much. Twisted, I know.

Anyway, when I walked into the bar, I didn’t immediately see him. There were all couples, and there was only one guy sitting by himself, but that couldn’t be him. He didn’t look like his photos. Matter of fact, he was much hotter. Seriously. But then he looked up and recognized me, and I realized I was the lucky one! He had a bit of a hipster look, but not quite, and dressed well. We kissed hello, ordered wine and hit it off. He was pleasant to talk to, has an interesting job in theatre and is athletic. But the first half hour or so, I was nervous about being out of his league. His type isn’t usually into me. So every time the waitress came by to ask if we wanted more I expected him to cut her off and call it a night. But he didn’t.

So we talked, drank, he was impressed that I knew which Japanese movie he forgot the title of, and he made me laugh. Eventually, they threw us out as closing time was coming up, and I had to catch my last train home. He walked me back to the station, and we literally passed by his front door, to which he said ‘This is where I live, if you want to stalk me’. He dropped me off, and we said goodbye with a regular peck on the lips.

I have to say that he was the best date I’ve been on in a long time! Something has to be ‘wrong’, right? Well. During the course of the night, it became clear that he’s bisexual. I wasn’t very surprised as a few times I thought he seemed in touch with his feminine side, but at one point he mentioned that while his last relationship was with a woman, the one before that was with a man. And on Tinder, he looks for both males and females.

I thought about it on the way home and also the next morning. Bisexuality doesn’t bother me one bit (if he is in a relationship with one person at a time, that is) but I found it hard to say whether he had been into me or not. I hadn’t really picked up on any clues. So when he texted me the following morning, I was pleasantly surprised. We went back and forth a bit, and eventually he said that I would have been welcome to stay over, but it had seemed like I’d wanted to go home.

That new strategy of not sleeping with men on a first date backfired quickly. I told him that that was not the case; but that it hadn’t really come up and so I didn’t know if it was an option. But next time soon? Next time soon indeed. Sunday, actually! And I’m excited about it, too!


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