It’s gonna happen

Yeah… the no posting for a while? I have not been on a date, let alone had sex yet this year. What’s going on?!

Every guy I have been talking to has been boring me to tears. Could be me. I’m talking to one guy on OKC and two on Tinder that are quite attractive, and to reduce their window of time they have to bore me virtually, I have suggested drinks. I feel like picking up the first guy off the street to take home. Not the best idea, but phonesex with the Musician only goes so far.

Yup, the Musician. While he is still dating the Scandinavian girl, he continues to text me every few days. I guess when she is not available and he is bored I am option number two. And as long as he sends me nudies, I am ok with that. I am going to use him as he is using me. I suspect he finds his ego is flattered by the fact he knows I was into him at some point, and also that he needs a runner up for when his new girlfriend falls through. Honestly, I could care less.

So there you have it. It’s gonna happen; three months without sex. Ugh.

Work is ridiculously busy, John has been MIA thank God, and I have another work trip coming up to Belgium, which is bound to be hectic and tedious at the same time, and then finally, my holiday is due. I will be shooting for a hot Australian  man.

But in the meantime; I’ll be out there…


15 thoughts on “It’s gonna happen

  1. Three months?!?! TRY A YEAR. I am going to go insane soon. And if I meet one more boring fuck, I’m gonna give up. (I know… always a threat, never a follow through ;)) Your luck will change in Australia, I’m sure, and we’ll enjoy living vicariously through you!!

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