It’s gonna happen

Yeah… the no posting for a while? I have not been on a date, let alone had sex yet this year. What’s going on?!

Every guy I have been talking to has been boring me to tears. Could be me. I’m talking to one guy on OKC and two on Tinder that are quite attractive, and to reduce their window of time they have to bore me virtually, I have suggested drinks. I feel like picking up the first guy off the street to take home. Not the best idea, but phonesex with the Musician only goes so far.

Yup, the Musician. While he is still dating the Scandinavian girl, he continues to text me every few days. I guess when she is not available and he is bored I am option number two. And as long as he sends me nudies, I am ok with that. I am going to use him as he is using me. I suspect he finds his ego is flattered by the fact he knows I was into him at some point, and also that he needs a runner up for when his new girlfriend falls through. Honestly, I could care less.

So there you have it. It’s gonna happen; three months without sex. Ugh.

Work is ridiculously busy, John has been MIA thank God, and I have another work trip coming up to Belgium, which is bound to be hectic and tedious at the same time, and then finally, my holiday is due. I will be shooting for a hot Australian  man.

But in the meantime; I’ll be out there…

A Dating Milestone

I received my very first unsolicited dickpic today! I was talking to a guy online, and we had only exchanged a few messages trying to set up a date, when all of a sudden he writes: ‘how about tomorrow?’ and BOOM! Dickpic. And it’s not even a good picture! Why the hell would you send me a picture of a half flaccid, floppy, poorly shaven, the head halfway out of your foreskin cock? Yuck. And the he acted all surprised that I did not feel like going on a date anymore. But I would not regret it? This guy is way too desperate. And really, I want a good fuck, but not that bad.

I wrote about John┬álast month. There is no way around it anymore; dude’s looking hot. So, with a little help from my friend I bit the bullet and sent him a message. At the end of last year he had sent me a message on Facebook saying that my yogastudio is in the street he lives in, and considering our little India chat a few weeks ago, I figured that’d be my open door. So I sent him a note saying that I’d be around a lot that coming week if he ever fancied a beer. And guess what happened? Nothing! It has been weeks, and he has sent me back silence. And so I felt a little awkward going into work and did a good job avoiding him. Until I was tired of it last week. Fuck that shit, if he is awkward, he should have thought about that before sticking it in.

So when I saw him in the restaurant, trying to ignore me, I purposely bumped into him, gave him a little nudge and asked how he was. He gave me a sheepish smile, a ‘yeah, yeah, good.’ and off he went. I laughed. He had a little bit of a breather when I was out this past week, but of course, I ran into him today. As I entered our on-site store, he was just exiting. He stopped me on the stairs, and asked how my vacation was. Vacation? Yeah this trip to Scandinavia he saw. When I told him that wasn’t vacation but work, he kind of joked around and said that that’s what we all say. So what the hell is up with this guy? My money is on ‘he’s a pussy’, but it frustrates the crap out of me.

So Scandinavian men? Hot! Big, tall, masculine, I like it. Maybe I should find myself a handsome Viking, a chalet in the snow and a husky dog, and I’ll be all set.

Then just now, I received a message from the boring American I went on a date with last weekend. He’s back from his trip to Mexico. Great. I’d hoped he’d forget about me so I didn’t have to tell him thanks but no thanks. This one doesn’t get a second chance.

Boring Date #96402

Seriously, I don’t know how many more I can take.

Last Friday, I had drinks with the American guy from the paid dating website. He let me pick the spot and time, and then I didn’t hear anything at all. So off I went, to the sky bar (which was actually so nice I’m gonna make that my regular dating spot) and waited. He was 15 minutes late. When he walked in, I was relieved he looked like his profile picture, and not like the 40 year old serial killer picture I saw on Whatsapp.

It immediately stood out he was shy. The first 10 minutes were hard work for me. I am a talker, but god, this guy took forever to calm down. When he loosened up a bit we chatted a bit about things I can for the life of me not remember. Cue awkward silences. He had moved to Europe in September, and when I asked if he’d met some people other than colleagues to hang out with yet, he said no, that he wasn’t very outgoing. You don’t say.

The more he drank the easier talker he was, but I wasn’t interested. When I declined the waitress’ offer for a third glass of wine, he did not pick up the hint and ordered another beer. Great. I wanted to get out and go home. Shortly before midnight I said we should probably get going since he had a 7:30 flight. A quick walk to the train station, awkward hug, and I breathed with relief.

For fuck’s sake, is there no one interesting out there? I’m getting a little tired of this whole dating thing and would like to actually get laid before I quit it all.

Anyway, I’m off to Scandinavia for a week for work, so no action there either. Hopefully there’ll at least be some hot Viking men to look at.