The Great Big Nothing

I’m bored. No dates this year yet, no sex. And I want it! I’m talking to a few guys online, nobody worth meeting. But maybe I’m just sulking.

The Ginger told me he met someone he’s genuinely interested in- in Sweden. Good luck on that one. But; I am happy to report I’m actually happy for him and hope it works out. Who would have thought! When he asked me if I had any ongoing ‘projects’ and I told him no, he said he was surprised. I was hot and any man would want to jump me if he got a chance. Nice to hear, I guess.

I went for a drink my my friend Anna on Friday after work. She has just returned from a six month project in Asia and I am super happy she’s back. Nothing exciting happened to her there, but all of a sudden she confessed there was a colleague she’d had sex with. I knew that already, but then she proceeded to tell me that last week, they had gotten into a car, driven to the woods and had sex in his car. Hello! My proper, little prudish friend. I am still in shock.

She is also the one who keeps pushing me to talk to John, and I only told her the full story on Friday. Till then, she thought we had just made out a little. Now she’s pushing even harder. I am tempted, but oh the awkwardness!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to report something more interesting soon!


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