Dates, dates, dates

I went on two dates this weekend. On Friday morning, I had a coffee date with the redheaded yogi from OKC. We met at the local coffee joint (he had biked half an hour through the rain) and it was all very civilized. A little skinny for my taste, but he had his stuff together, was easy to talk to and not nervous at all. And, he was very efficient. After two hours, on the dot, he put and end to it. He might be a serial dater and working a strategy! He offered to keep me company if my NY’s eve plans still fell through and followed up with a text this morning. I told him I straightened it out (really don’t want to go there just yet) but took him up on his offer for a second date. I’m not really into him, but I keep telling myself off not to write them off so quickly anymore.

Date number two was last night with the Tinder guy. We met at the train station, and made our way into town for drinks. Physically, I was not attracted to him. He had a good face, but he was small, and a little boyish. But, we had a good time, he was easy to talk to and had so much in common it was a little eery. On top of that, he’s a survival expert, very outdoorsy and does stuff like IronMan. He held open doors for me and brought me back to the train. I really wanted to like him…

Then! The POF guy. On Friday night, I was supposed to meet him, but when he told me he was hoping he’d recognize me and I told him he would because my picture was recent, he confessed his wasn’t. Major red flag. I told him I’d appreciate it if he would send me a recent photo as this did not make me feel comfortable. He said I shouldn’t judge by one photo, and that it was too late now because time and place had been set. Oh hell no. Staying home sounded like a better option. I told him just that, after which he finally emailed me a photo. Exactly what I expected. It wasn’t awful, but he didn’t look anything like the one online. So I cut him off with a short message that I didn’t appreciate being mislead and that for me, it’s a flag for more issues. He sent me four (!) emails to say how disappointed he was with me and what not. Glad I dodged that one.

Finally, the Ginger got in touch with me, to inform me he wasn’t excited about spending NY’s eve together. Mind you, I had never confirmed we would. But, he added, he didn’t say it to be mean. I told him the way he said it was indeed mean, but that I had gotten used to that with him quite quickly. I told him again to delete my photos, how to use the pills I’d sent him a while ago and best of luck with everything. He said he wasn’t trying to be mean, he just wanted to be honest with me but he sometimes had troubles voicing his feelings. They were not black or white when it came to me, and they were ever changing. Could he still let me know how the pills worked out? And he did like chatting to me. Clearly this man is scared to let go of something. I’m not gonna be kept on the back-burner, thanks a lot. Make up your damn mind and until then, leave me alone because I can’t be hung up on you. And please stop ending your messages with X-es.

So, NY’s eve. Just when I had decided that maybe I should stay home, give myself a break and reflect for a bit, my friend Anna convinced me to come to her neighborhood party. She is even nice enough to drive me home afterwards. Home alone or champagne amongst people? People it is.


4 thoughts on “Dates, dates, dates

  1. I got out of going to a NYE party by throwing one at my place 😉 otherwise, at home by myself was the only option I was considering!!! Happy new year to you … hope 2014 is THE year for both of us 🙂

  2. Champagne of course dahling. Gosh the Ginger is really being a twat, well done on bring blunt with him. And nice work getting out of the date with the ancient photo guy. Hate being misled and why it is his divine right to be disappointed with you? He’s the one in the wrong there. Hope 2014 brings someone fabulous your way.

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