Back on the horse

Despite all the changes of heart I’ve had and the back and forth in between my feelings about the situation with the Ginger; I haven’t texted him. Yay. He sure has texted me though. I have replied sporadically, but what it comes down to is I feel like he is confused, and with this holiday month, he’s not so happy about being alone. He hasn’t heard anything from him friends (wonder why if he’s treated them the same way), and he realizes the toll his lifestyle has taken on his social life. So he’d rather settle for the moment as to not be alone and then come January, someone’s gonna get hurt again. When he found out I have no plans for NY’s eve, (curses for all my friends having babies) he was quick to suggest we could celebrate and get drunk together. I ain’t gonna be your backup plan, my friend.

So I have thrown myself back into the dating game. When stuff like this happens my mind always goes into overdrive and I get nervous about being 30 and alone. (how sad). Tomorrow, I have a coffee date with a guy that practices yoga as much as I do. And, oh cruel twist of fate, is a redhead as well. We talked for a bit on OKC, and I know little about him except that he’s a physiotherapist. We’ll see how that goes.

Then on Saturday, I’m going for a drink with a guy off Tinder. My first Tinder date! He’s quite attractive, I dare say out of my league, but he seems a little too eager to meet. He texts a little too much and he even kind of invited me over for NY’s. Mind you, we haven’t even met yet. Hopefully it’s harmless, but I foresee a man with issues.

Finally I’m setting up a date with a guy from POF that I know absolutely nothing about. Keeps it interesting!


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