I really like you…

but. Yup, I got that one yesterday. In other words, I got dumped. I was hoping to be able to write something happier about the Ginger, but here we go.

He got back from touring last weekend, and as usual, we’d been in touch pretty much daily. I was looking forward to his return and seeing him again, but when he hadn’t asked about meeting after a few days, I did. He said ‘sure’. Well that didn’t sound too enthusiastic, and when I asked, he told me he wanted me to know he wasn’t head over heels, and felt that I should know. He thought I was great and loved spending time with me, but didn’t think it would go beyond that. Well fuck me.

I told him I kind of had thought that way and thanked him for his honesty. Then, I asked him to delete some of the photos I had sent him. Nothing explicit, but still. To which he replies ‘is it all over then?’ Uhm well, isn’t that what you’re telling me? So I said that if he didn’t see it going anywhere seeing him would be awkward for me and kind of pointless, because I did like him. He said he understood, and had just wanted to see where I stood in this thing. (Seriously, what’s wrong with a phonecall?) I decided to suck it up. Told him it was a bummer for me, but tough luck. Β And said that I felt led on by all the texting. (Why else would you do that if you’re not into someone?). He apologized. Coming back to his question of it being all over, I asked him what he wanted from me. He said ‘I dunno… friendship?’

So that’s that. He told me twice he thought I was really great and he really liked me. But apparently not enough for anything serious. I would have been happier if he’d said I was a bitch. Because what’s missing then? I kind of got the idea he was expecting me to be ok with it and be open for meeting up for sex (or indeed friendship, who knows) and did not expect me to put an end to it like this. My friends agreed, thinking he might come back after realizing what he had after it’s gone, but I doubt it. And it doesn’t make me feel better. I cried for about an hour last night and then got it together. I do feel better today but I feel like I lost something. Which is weird.

I have to admit I miss the daily texts. I have to sit on my hands to not send him a note. I don’t hate him, he’s not a jackass. At least he was honest and clear and didn’t drag it out for months. He deleted his online profile today, maybe he realized women actually want more from you if you’re on a dating site. Also, I feel a bit lonely. Another fail.

Do I text him? Do I be nice and show him I can be friends if he wants to? Show him I am actually fantastic and see if he’ll turn around? Ugh. Help!


13 thoughts on “I really like you…

  1. Do as I say, not as I do…. DO NOT TEXT HIM!!!!!! he’s an ass and there’s no reason to feed his ego by giving him what he wants, which isn’t friendship – more like on-demand booty. ugh. I’m sorry 😦

    • Ugh I know you’re right… still there’s part of me that thinks he’s going to come round and realize he made a mistake or something. Well, it’s always the ones that you actually like that don’t like you back I suppose!

  2. I’d wait until you had a little time to get over him. Since it was so early, you never know! He might have a change of heart too. You’re right-at least he was honest. On to the next one! Good luck πŸ™‚

  3. Urgh it absolutely SUCKS when that happens. I’ve had that – and it really hurts. If I’m so great, why don’t they want to be with me more? I can’t be *that* great. Don’t text him – however hard it is – it’s the time for dignity, cos it completely sounds like he just wants casual sex whenever he fancies. And it was always about what suited him. You are definitely worth better. If he eventually realiseste error of his ways, then great. If not, his loss. Doesn’t change how much it sucks. Sorry he’s turned out to be another idiot. 😦

      • Killer. It’s an absolute killer. That moment you get a text and you think ‘yes he’s changed his mind! He loves me and I’m awesome!’ – and it’s your mum asking if you’re going for Sunday lunch. Nothing can quite match it for disappointment. Then you feel like articulating your anger, why should he get away with behaving like a dick? Massive massive lesson in self-control…ghastly…

      • I knoooooooow! My phone has been going off like crazy tonight… with every one I haven’t heard from in ages.I am trying to be less hopeful each time haha. I think the whole world knows about my poor self control, but aaaaarghh I HAVE to sit it out this time.

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