Last week, I went to dinner with my friend Adya. I was supposed to pick her up from the train station, but was running late. In I stormed in my heels, ruffling the rain out of my hair and texting her in the meantime. And when I looked up, John stood there looking at me from across the hall. Thank God I had dressed up and put make-up on. He smiled and mouthed a ‘you ok?’ at me which I nodded at, and then he kept going. To avoid awkwardness, I had no choice but to walk over to him. We made smalltalk for a bit, he said he hadn’t seen me for a while at work, so I told him I’d been off for a while. I was majorly tempted to point out that I am seeing someone, but managed to keep it in. Within a minute, Adya showed up, and very curiously at that. I ended the conversation with John rather abruptly, and escorted her out of there before I was forced to make introductions. Not that she didn’t know the stories, but he didn’t have to know that.

Couple nights later, I received a text from Louis. My cheating French colleague. I had not heard from him in a very long time, and I was very surprised. He asked me when I would be back from holidays, and asked if we would have ‘danger’ when I was. I told him there’d be no danger going forward as far as I was concerned. I said I was seeing someone and didn’t want to screw anything up that might be going well for me. Whether I am seeing someone or not; this was the perfect opportunity to end things. Well, the sex things. He reacted very well, said he was happy for me, and asked if he was still allowed to talk to me. Sure, though I wonder what he’d have to say. We never talked about anything at all.

Then; yesterday at work, I was in line at our cafeteria staring off in the distance when I was nudged by John who apparently wanted to say hi. I laughed it off and said I was a little spaced out, and off he went to put together his salad. When I sat down with my colleagues, he sat down next to us to have lunch with someone. Of all the places he could have sat. A little awkward for me. I have to say, he looks good lately.

So, am I actually seeing the Ginger? Last weekend he was home for a 3 day break from touring again, but did not want to meet up. And told me that after I asked him. He was tired and had to do a zillion things. Fair enough, he wanted space. So that’s what I gave him. Contact was minimal (yet daily still) for a few days, and now that he’s gone again we’ve been texting as usual every day. He comes home on the weekend and will be home for a month and a half. And I can’t wait. He’s celebrating Christmas with his parents (I don’t care for Christmas) but I don’t know about the NY’s eve plans. I am planning mine as usual, assuming it is way too early to be spending it together, but I am curious to see if he’ll bring it up. I have got no clue what his social life here is like.

I am off again for 2 weeks with the holidays, and he’s asked me to come over, so we’ll see how it goes. I know he is still online on the dating site (as am I) but don’t know how active he is. Next Friday we have our annual company party, which is always absolute mayhem, and when I told him, he asked about drunkenness and one night stands. He didn’t seem to care much, though hard to tell through text messages. I kind of want to know what’s up, but yet I am a pussy! Anyway, I don’t think 2 months of dating means anything, so I’ll take it easy!

4 thoughts on “Encounters

  1. Its very interesting to see the female perspective in dating.
    I didn’t date (cultural thing) and so all these thoughts that are going through your head and stuff are fascinating. Its awesome that you’re sharing these thoughts. But I compare it to my life and I see how everything for me was so straight forward and cut and dry and just out there in the open. Didn’t have to deal with this uncertainty and reading into what people said or didn’t say. Kinda appreciate not having to go through the dating scene.

    • Dating is definitely hard. There’s so much insecurity and games. I have some friends that have arranged marriages, and I do think there are things to be said for that also. I don’t automatically condemn it. I told them they have a certainty of not dying alone (so to speak) we don’t know this.
      I don’t know if I am ever going to find someone that wants to be with me for life, and that’s a scary thought. It’s all up to me too. They find it hard to fathom my parents would not help find me a significant other. 🙂

      • I think the term arranged marriages gets thrown around too loosely and doesn’t really signify what the actuality of the event is.
        I’ve always joked that only in ‘arranged marriages’ can an ugly dude end up marrying an absolute stunner.

        Its just a cultural perception of marriage right. Some culturally accept marriage to be a very family-centric process and others find it to be more of a solitary endeavor.

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