The photo thing. Again.

So the Ginger. Two dates, a third postponed due to his busy schedule. He’s on tour currently, scheduled to come home on the weekend. We are in touch every single day, initiated by him fifty percent of the time. He asks about my day, remembers what I’ve done. Good right?

Yeah. Well I feel a little weird. Maybe sad. He’s asking for pictures. Yet again. In the past I’ve learned this is not a good sign until you’re in an actual relationship. It worries me that I might have misinterpreted the signs and he might see me as something casual, or a friend with benefits. Why would you ask for nudies after two dates? He doesn’t ask in every conversation, but occasionally it comes up.

I am not interested in friends with benefits. I only do that if I am not attracted to them and do not anticipate that to happen. I can’t do it with men I like. And I like this one. And no obviously there have been zero conversations on each other’s expectations, but am I over-analyzing this?

He’s gone from home for a couple of weeks, does he like or miss me in any way that he keeps in touch yet asks for pictures? He’d have enough opportunities to get laid I reckon. Have I sent the wrong message by sleeping with him already and subsequently ruined things for myself?

Enlighten me, please πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “The photo thing. Again.

  1. Dunno. I’d be wondering the same things. Maybe he wants saucy pics cos he misses you when he’s away and he’s a visual guy… Really I have no idea. I hate it when guys ask for photos. It’s so… kind of sleazy, if you’re not dating dating. Dilemma.

  2. Am I wrong to think its weird for anyone, male or female, to ASK for naked photos of someone? If they’re offered, go nuts! But to ask for them seems strange to me. Apparently, I’m a dating dinosaur.

    Also, what’s wrong with a little mystery and saving nudity for an in-person treat? Being naked together is the prize at the end of the race. You don’t get to sample the trophy while you’re still running.

  3. I always say no to pictures. If the pics on okCupid aren’t enough, then I just say no. I don’t want a creepy online existence. Either we meet or we don’t.

  4. I’m torn. I have sent pics in the past, and it’s fun for both of us, but I have sometimes regretted it. Tell us what you decide to do (or may have already done!) πŸ™‚

    • I have done it as well, but only when it was clear to me that we were friends with benefits or something. Now I am questioning his motives! Well, only 2 more days until I find out I guess!

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