How a cancellation made me feel better

Last night I was supposed to see the Ginger again. We’ve been in touch every day leading up to yesterday, even when he was on the road. So yesterday, when I was in meetings and he was messing about on his days off, he texted me in the morning to say he still hadn’t received his ticket for today. He knew he was supposed to be flying in the afternoon, but hadn’t seen anything yet. Talk about last minute. I told him he could even go to the airport from my house as it’s closer, and he said he’d be at mine at around 8.

So after my meetings, I raced home, got some food, took a shower, and as I was about to put my clothes on, he called. He wasn’t going to make it. He had only received his ticket an hour before, was at his parents’ house, and was supposed to fly at 7 in the morning today instead of the afternoon. He’d have to rush home, pack his stuff, throw everything in his van and then drive the hour to me, store his stuff at my house and leave his car to take a train to the airport in the morning, and all of it was just a bad idea.

And I agreed. Yes, I was disappointed, and I could tell he was as well, but I also understood the pickle he was in. He apologized and worried if we were still ok. I said we were. I didn’t forget what he’d said at our first date. And then he said the schedule had changed. He now had 4 days off on the middle of his tour, and he would take a flight home so we could spend time together as I happen to have time off at the same time. Maybe we could spend some daytime together instead of just the nights and see how that worked out? Hell yes.

He was quick to point out he wanted to spend time with me, and felt like a bit of an ass for having to change stuff around again. He then said he had a lot of time off in December and January as well, and we should make good use of that. If we don’t disappoint each other on day dates I guess, so let’s see.

So yes, I feel good about the whole thing. I feel like he genuinely tries, in spite of his busy schedule. Hopefully the groupies won’t change his mind 🙂


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