Gimme French!

I feel like to could do an ‘Oh Tinder…’ post again! This stuff is hilarious! Also, John keeps popping up. I wonder if that’s because he would have swiped like, but I guess I’ll never know if I don’t!

Speaking of jackasses, my running team that I went to the States to 2 months ago is having a drinking session on Friday. Guess who cannot make it? I am seriously bummed out about. 1; because they won’t move it for me to be able to join. 2; because John will be there and I am not sure he’ll keep his mouth shut with a couple beers in him. And I won’t be there to defend myself or put him in his place if needed. My friend Sandy told me I should drop him a casual note asking him to not say anything, but I think that’d make it worse.

She’s a little out of it; because as I told her about Mr. Fiji and showed her a photo, she told me to bang him anyway because he’s so hot. Very unlike her!

But the reason I can’t be there is actually pretty good! I’m going to France to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and I happen to have a big thing for French men! Also, last 2 times I went down there I have not had to complain about attention; I guess they do like redheads down there. It is going to be one long party and drinking session and I am ready for French action!

Then on Monday I need to travel Scotland for work, so I’ll be checking out the Scottish men to see if they compare to the French. I’ll have to let you know…! (When will I sleep? Good question)

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