Oh Tinder…

You’d think I had enough of online dating. But I just have to try this new thing out. I guess it’s not so new anymore, but on this side of the world it kind of is. So I’ve downloaded Tinder, but seriously…

I will not ‘like’ you if you:

– Put up a profile picture of your child (seriously?)

– If there are any children in any pictures at all.

– If you’re getting cozy with a lady friend in the picture (and yes, this definitely comes after the kids rule)

– If after 4 pictures, I am still unable to tell which one of the beer drinking homies you are

– If your picture is obviously a studio photograph, like this one  (And yes. I am putting it up. It’s too good. And can for sure be found on awkwardportraits.com)

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-03 om 20.51.24

– And lastly; if your name is John, we’ve had a bad drunken fuck and you’ve been a dick about it. The screenshot is tempting. And what’s worse; I am dying to find out if he swiped me to the right, but I’d only find out if I would do just that!

Seriously; does this work for anyone? I’ve had plenty mutual likes, sent a few messages and gotten a few, but most are MIA. One asked me straightaway if I’d be into a threesome with his girlfriend (no thanks) and the others were just… boring. Ha! seems like I am running out of options!

10 thoughts on “Oh Tinder…

  1. I don’t know why men put photos of them with children on dating sites. Maybe they think having a kid in the picture communicates safe and friendly? It makes me feel like they are self-sabotaging.

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