When I chickened out.

Having sex at work is something I wouldn’t normally do. Louis would. He has told me he actually has had sex in a bathroom three times. During work hours. That’s right.

So when he had told me that coming to my house was not an option anymore, he opened up the possibility of having sex at work. I didn’t really respond to it; couldn’t really see myself scraping together the courage to actually do something like that.

But today, when I texted him I had a meeting in his building, he, as I expected, immediately suggested we get it on. I told him probably not, but I’ll go check out your secret bathroom and let you know. The thought of it made me nervous, and I was barely able to suppress that during the meeting even though I knew there was no way I would go through with that.

I did go downstairs, to the garage entry where he said was a bathroom. It was right at the entrance and while not the main entrance, it got plenty of traffic. We would be able to sneak in and out unseen, but the thought of hearing the door open and close all the time and the potential of someone having to use the bathroom while we would be in it put me off. Yes, it’s exciting, but I do care too much about my job to get caught. Thursday afternoon at 4 did not seem like a good time for that.

He asked me what I thought and if he should come down. I told him it made me nervous, that there was a lot of traffic. And that I wasn’t carrying a condom. That was okay, we could do a lot of other stuff? I wanted to, but I didn’t. And so I chickened out. He was cool about it, understanding it was a work environment. We could save it for when we would both be happening to be working late. That sounds a lot better. To be honest, I am not even disappointed with myself for not going through. Feels quite good actually!

I am off the the US on Saturday, wish me luck on the Abercrombie hunks!


4 thoughts on “When I chickened out.

  1. Do you wonder if his cool guy thing that he brags to all his friends about is “nailing chicks in the office bathroom”? Like that’s what he’s known for among his peers?

    • That crosses my mind from time to time, and it’s one of the reasons I didn’t do it. But on the other hand, his girlfriend actually works in the same building as he does (!) The risk of him getting caught or her getting wind of it would be way too big for him. I don’t get why he would take the risk in the first place. When this whole thing started he went out of his way to emphasize no one knew of his ‘sidesteps’ and he needed to keep it that way. I suspect he’s a pro at this. But, keeping it out of the office is always the better idea! And me going away for a week will be good to get some air πŸ™‚

      • Ah, forgot about both the girlfriend and her proximity. My next guess is that it’s the possibility of getting caught (maybe even by her) that he gets off on; the thrill of getting away with it right under her nose.

        Enjoy your week away and good luck with your American men. πŸ˜€

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