The Sex Vibe

I may have just found it again. After the months of absolutely nothing whatsoever, everything seems to be wide open again. To be honest, I haven’t really been making a proper effort at anything lately. My new job is completely consuming me, I have been on a few business trips too many, and if I was home, I wanted to spend time with friends and family. The thought it actively seeking it out hardly ever occurred.

But you know, some situations I can’t seem to avoid. So a couple weeks ago, I had to travel for work with one of my new teams. I didn’t know anyone, no one knew me, it was at a sunny beach, and somehow the men had singled me out. In the office, with my old teams, I am known as the queen of inappropriate with a select group of awesomely cool co-workers. We have fun, banter, sexual references left and right, you get it. Nothing ever happens, but at some point, it had been decided I was one of them. And I love them for it. Anyway, back to the beach. Maybe I have a vibe about me, but whatever it was, these guys had decided I would be able to keep up with them, they cornered me, we drank, we had fun, and I was happy things were working out.

I split off in conversation with one of them, who also happens to be French, though he could not be further from Sebastien. We got into a messy conversation, decided we were comfortable, and somehow the topic drifted to sex. By two in the morning, I knew a whole lot more about him than you’re supposed to get to know your colleagues within the first day. The good thing here was that we were sharing rooms. Eventually we went back, nothing had happened.

The next morning, he asked my number ‘to keep each other company’ in the long, boring meeting that was ahead of us. We texted all through the day, picking up where we left the day before, and even though we had an exciting conversation, I did remember the night before he had sad he was in a seven year relationship with a child. He didn’t seem too bothered with it, and I was curious to see how far he would and when he would bring it up again. We traveled home after the meetings, and texted until early hours in the morning. He flat out said I was lucky to be sharing my room, or I would have been in trouble. Admitted shamelessly staring at my behind during out workout, and suggested next time we do naked yoga. (Who wouldn’t want to hear that)

The next morning, I woke up to a text from him, and throughout the workday, we exchanged messages yet again. I made sure to get some dirt should it ever come down to it (you gotta have a back up plan being a girl), but all in all, it was pretty exciting. We sort of have see-through doors in our bathrooms at work, but somehow he had managed. Interesting. By this point I had established he is a cheater. Fabulous, yet again there’s someone that proves me right.

He is making plans to come over and put some action into out words. While I am curious to see how he’ll hold up, at the same time I wonder if I should not feel a bit more empathetic to his relationship. He is attractive but not someone I would fall in love with, and yes, I would be excited to have a new ‘sex friend’, as he calls it. (I swear I am not as trashy as I come off here)

If he doesn’t care, should I? Am I responsible for something here? But before all that, let’s see if he comes through…