All the non-action

Oh my, can’t believe how badly I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon! And not even for good reason… nothing happened at all dating wise.

I’ve been ridiculously busy with work; I have accepted a new job per July 1st and while I should be excited, everything inside me is screaming no. I’ve been traveling loads for work, lots of social engagements, lots of training for a half marathon I’m supposed to do in the US in August… you catch my drift.

But the one thing that did happen was that my best friend Brooke got married last weekend, and I was her witness! Especially exciting since I had not been to a wedding in 25 years, and this was a super special one. She’s also 6 months pregnant, and so was a blushing pregnant bride. Super cute.

You know that cliche where the witnesses behave inappropriately in the bathrooms? Yup, that’s me. Her groom had his best friend be a witness, and I had never met him before. I’d asked Brooke beforehand if he was single and if he was hot, and she’d told me I wouldn’t like him, but that he’d be good enough for one night. He was way too slick for my liking. Very tan, drove a convertible, very much the money maker. But as the night progressed he suggested we do something inappropriate with the camera’s, and me deciding I could do with some action, agreed. So we sneaked off to the bathrooms, made out for a bit while I took pictures of the wall and let him think I took them of us. There was no sex to be had as my cab was waiting, but since that was the only action I’ve had in a while, it was good enough!

So there you have it. How boring. I am off to Spain for a work trip with 400 other colleagues from all over Europe where I’ll have to behave myself, but I can always enjoy eyecandy!