When in doubt…

Yesterday, I woke up to the following text; ‘I dreamed about a threesome tonight.’ Signed, Sebastien. Good morning to you to. Mind if I have breakfast first? When I didn’t reply, he sent another one. ‘Are you into that?’.

This got me thinking. Maybe this whole friends with benefits / fuckbuddy thing is not for me. He might be the odd one out, but he has a few too many requirements than I prefer. Before our first date, he’d been very vocal about what he wanted me to wear. Stockings, lace and heels, to be exact. Even if I owned a pair of granny panties I wouldn’t have dared wearing those, but he seemed all too worried. Dude, you’re getting laid. Forward to his wanting nude pictures, video chat, asking about anal and now ever so ‘subtly’ bringing up threesomes, and I am uncomfortable.

I’m far from green, but the awkwardness lies in the feeling that’s creeping up on me. As nice as Sebastien is face to face, these things won’t come up but on text. His persistence irritates me. I have met him only a few things and he’s managed to make me feel cheap already. I know that’s (probably) not his intention and it’s my tremendous skill to over analyze everything, but one way or the other, I don’t want to be treated as a slut to obey his every wish. Oh and I know, I might be overreacting.

I love sex, and I was quite pleased to have someone on the regular, but if this is how it goes, I might have to let it go. I thought this was going to work out as I have no romantic feelings for him and we click sexually, but I guess it’s harder than I thought. Silly me for thinking it would be an easy hookup and have fun with it without too much hassle!

But then again, if I wanted to be reminded of an actual jackass, remember Sean? Saturday night at 9pm, he sent me 5(!) texts in a row asking if I wanted to jump on a train and come see him. Sure, as if I didn’t have a life of my own, let alone jump on a train late at night for a bad fuck. But to tease him a little bit, I suggested that it wasn’t very gentleman like for him to make me travel late, but that he was more than welcome to jump on the train himself. Needless to say, I am still waiting for an answer.

10 thoughts on “When in doubt…

  1. I don’t think you’re overreacting. Don’t trivialize your feelings/reactions. There’s a reason you’re feeling that way- you’re getting unwelcome attention. Just don’t feel pressured to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

    • I’ve been thinking about what it is all day; and I think it’s the fact he thinks I am the kind of woman to take all this kind of shit. I actually haven’t heard from him since, so let’s see!

  2. That’s exactly what was happening with the South African guy I was “seeing”. Weird sex issues that only came out in texts.. Sorry it’s happening to you, but also nice to know it’s not just me!

  3. If Seb, is making you feel cheap, he is going about it all wrong. Imagine if he made you feel like a princess? What would have happen sex wise then? My guess is your encounters would have been wonderful. Good for you, fuck Sean!. You called his bluff and he failed miserable. I really enjoy your stories and the way you write.

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