Oh La La…

Le French…! All of a sudden things progressed very quickly with the French guy who had canceled on me last weekend, and I found myself having a drink with him in the cold sunshine on Monday. After having the friend with benefits conversation I had told him that we would need to meet for drinks first, to see if there was at least some mutual attraction and general getting along there. He agreed, and we had a very impromptu before-dinner drink. So we sat, comfortably chatted for an hour, and parted ways. I found him very attractive, well dressed, jaw line length floppy hair, and the French accent in place. I wasn’t sure he felt the same about me. Let’s face it, he’s way out of my league.

When I got home I got a text; he had enjoyed meeting me and regretted not meeting earlier. I felt the same way, and naturally the conversation progressed into himself inviting him to my place. He stays at a B&B while looking for an apartment and is not allowed any guests, and I had told him before meeting I would not invite strangers to my house. Long story short, he came carrying a bottle of wine, we had a few glasses, and just as I was wondering if he was chickening out, he wanted to know what I was wearing underneath my skirt. Well, glad you asked!

I dragged him to the bedroom and he jumped on me, appreciating what I had on before taking it off, which is a big plus in my book! He was playful and it was hot. He had no problems getting and keeping it up (pfew) and made good efforts to pace himself. While I was reminded that my bed is embarrassingly noisy (hello, neighbor!) he literally fucked me, no inhibitions, and it’s been a while I’d been that worked up. In a good way. Relief feels so good.

Afterwards, he lingered for a bit, had a shower, “washed his little friend” (cue French accent) and we had a drink. He eventually left, texted me 10 minutes later he got home, thought it had been very hot, and loved the way I looked. You gotta love a guy for noticing.

The next day he texted me if I was alright, and stated he’d like to do it again, he’d enjoyed himself a whole lot. Well, me too, me too… Seems like he is a nice guy, so stay tuned for round number two!

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