In Limbo

Something is off this week. After feeling like I was being punked last week, people are canceling on me left, right and center. Not only that, but I’ve been on the receiving end of some offensive messages online as well. Not everyone takes rejection well I suppose, even though I’ve been pretty nice about it this week!

So after the French guy who ‘forgot’ our date last week, I gave another French guy a chance on POF. (how many French fo they have around there?) We talked for a bit and decided to meet up on Friday for a drink. Having learnt my lesson, I texted him 2 hours before if he was still going to make it. Three hours later, I received an answer saying he was really tired and needed to relax from his work week. Having anticipated this, not having received a reply before the actual meet up time, I had made other plans, but I was not amused. You’re not the only one with a job my friend. At least have the decency to cancel ahead of time. He texted me the next day asking if I was upset, apologizing profusely. I was not upset, I hadn’t really waited around for him, but still. Could he have another chance today? Fine. He told me to meet him at the train station at 6 and we’d go for a drink. Again, I texted him beforehand. This time I got an immediate reply. He was still in Amsterdam, but he would let me know when he’d be back and we could go then? Are you fucking kidding me? I told him I had gone to do something else. He wasn’t being very respectful of my time.

Maybe the real reason I  have him a second shot was because he had been so honest about what he was looking for. He had asked if I would still want to meet up if I knew he was looking for fun more than anything else. On my question on whether he was looking for a friend with benefits, he was honest. Now I can appreciate honesty, and I can work with it. Besides, it would be kinda nice to have one on my beck and call. Shame it’s not working out!

Meanwhile, Sean continues to text me. Last week, during dinner with Anna, we had decided he could be my friend with benefits. I have no feelings for him, though he amused me, and if he could continue to deliver like he finally had last time, it could be super convenient. At least I wouldn’t have to go out and actively look. But as I replied to his messages, there was radio silence on his end. Oh well. I can see he’s still super active on OKC (he’s even messaged Adya, who’s on there as well) so there you go. He may have found another victim. I have disabled my OKC profile for a while as the ridiculous messages kept pouring in, and I’m tired of being called a bitch if I don’t reply.

The only guy I’m talking to now on POF is a 36 year old Dutch guy, he’s black and he’s huge. He seems to be genuinely interested, so with this one I’ll probably take it a bit easy!


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