A brief history

I have a little black brown book. Actually, had. I wanted a little trip down memory lane to refresh my memory, but after about 30 minutes, I gave up looking for it. It wasn’t exactly full, but it was definitely time for an update. Well, if I needed a new weekend project, there it is!

As I mention in my intro, I have started online dating about a year ago. I have a small amount of friends that know I do this (let’s say 3) as I just wouldn’t know how to explain it to the others. There would be snickers and eye-rolling. A few would think it’s unsafe. Oh well, I’ve never been afraid of a little adventure. The ones that do know live their single lives through me. And the ones that don’t know as well, some of my male colleagues are always very eager to have lunch on Mondays. I don’t give them much (you know, work and all) but they have the wildest ideas. Whatever floats their boat!

I will be 30 in a few months, and have one single friend left to go out with. All others are very pregnant, very busy visiting the in laws on the weekend, or need to go to kid’s birthday parties. Don’t get me started. My parents have stopped dropping ‘It’d-be-so-nice-if-Ella-would-bring-someone-home-for-Christmas’ (they have shifted their focus to my 23 year old sister), my grandparents forget, and the rest want the nasty details. Be careful what you wish for!

But I don’t like being alone anymore. I feel no clock ticking whatsoever and doubt I ever will, which takes the pressure off meeting someone in that area, but I’m still a girl. The house is cold when returning from work, I too need hugs, someone to share things with, and also, I love sex. I do alright considering the single thing, but it sure is work sometimes! So in the meantime, I will date around, have fun and who knows who I’ll meet along the way?


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